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What's the reason that Longines doesn't go?

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What's the reason that Longines watch doesn't go?

        What's the reason why the Longines mechanical watch doesn't work? Generally speaking, if the watch doesn't work, there are two reasons: one is caused by human, the other is caused by natural damage, that is, mechanical failure.

        1. When the Longines mechanical watch is not working, it is mostly due to improper wearing, resulting in the watch falling to the ground or being severely hit, causing damage to the parts inside the watch. In this case, the watch maintenance needs to take apart the watch to see if the part is damaged, and then replace it with a new one. Of course, the most important thing is that the mechanical watch should be wound. First of all, we should ensure that the watch has a power source.

        2. When the Longines mechanical watch doesn't work due to natural wear and tear, most of the grease in the watch dries up, which hinders the watch's running. If the watch is so damaged, it only needs to replace a new battery or re oil the movement parts of the watch.


        Longines watch does not go, the first reason: mechanical failure, lack of power

        When there is a problem with the Longines watch, the first question should be whether it is lack of power. If the watch is wound up, the power is sufficient, and the watch still doesn't go, it is the watch itself that has a problem. At this time, what we should do is to send the watch to Beijing Longines after-sales service center for inspection and maintenance.

        Mechanical watch is driven by mechanical gear and spring, so friction is inevitable when it rotates. Therefore, it is necessary to add oil and lubricate frequently to reduce the wear of parts over time. Otherwise, when something goes wrong, it will be sent for repair, and the problem is often very serious. Therefore, early detection and early "treatment" are needed.

The second reason why the Longines watch doesn't go away is the wrong use of the Longines watch

1. Wrong way of repair

        Many people have met the situation that the mechanical watch doesn't go. Some people may habitually take a few shots of the watch, and some may shake it. In fact, these are all wrong practices. The mechanical watch is generally composed of several hundred and thousands of parts. The internal parts are very precise and complex. Some parts are only the size of hair when magnified several times. If you take a watch or shake it, you may damage the internal parts of the mechanical watch.

2. Mistakes in the use of automatic watches


        Some people may buy a Longines fully automatic mechanical watch. They think that since it is fully automatic, it is definitely unnecessary. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. A fully automatic mechanical watch is operated by the automatic winding mechanism which can tighten the spring when it rotates in any direction (it can be seen from the transparent bottom cover). It can be imagined that only when you wear a watch on your hand, with the movement of your arm, the automatic Tuo will also rotate to generate energy. Generally, a fully automatic watch should be worn on the hand for more than 8 hours every day to make up for the amount of winding, but it is not absolute. Nowadays, most people work in the office. Besides the movement, the watch often stops. The reason is that the wearer does not have enough exercise and can not supply enough energy for the spring. If this is the case, the method of hand winding can be used to make up for it.

        The wrong method of use will shorten the life of Longines watch. As watch lovers, we should master the correct method of protecting Longines watch, so that Longines can be better taken care of.


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